A simple Idea for a late night snack

Are you looking for an easy late night snack that adds a wow factor but doesn’t cost a fortune? Try selling a Deep Fried French Toast Station at your next wedding or event. Bread, eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon are all you really need. Rent an propane deep fryer or electric deep fryer from us along with a nice tray or cone holder and away you go! Your guests will line up for this sweet and savoury treat.

What equipment will you need to make this work?
– Deep Fryer
– 2 Shallow Hotel Pans
– Spider Strainer
– Whisk
– 8′ table on leg extensions
– Tongs
– White Rectangular 20″X10″ or
– Cone Holder Large 10″X24″
– Wooden Cones (50 Pack) for Cone Holder

6 loaves Thick Sliced Egg Bread (We used Chocolate Chip Panettone in the test)
12 eggs
1 ltr Milk
1 tsp vanilla
20 L vegetable Oil – make sure it is clean.
1 lb sugar
1/4 cup cinnamon.

Method – How to Make it
Fill Fryer with oil up to the fill line. Do not over fill.
Light the deep fryer and set to 365 F.
In a shallow hotel pan whisk together eggs, milk and vanilla.
Dip Bread slices in egg mixture until egg mixture soaks in. Don’t leave them in too long or they will be hard to lift out.
Carefully place in the deep fry oil
When they come up to the surface flip them over so they brown evenly.
When they are golden brown lift out of deep fry, shake to get extra oil off and then toss into second hotel pan which has the cinnamon and sugar mixed together.
You can cut into fingers and put in the cones or serve on a platter.

What you need to know
For larger groups where you have access to the outside choose one of our propane deep fryers.
If you are inside and have access to a electricity our table top electric deep fryer will work. Make sure you have good ventilation if you are deep frying inside. Make sure you bring a container for the hot oil.

You can find all of the products you need on our website:Cooking and Service Equipment