With the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris in the news all this week I thought it a good time to review what Higgins Event Rentals, a party rental company, has done to make a difference to the well being of our planet.

It seems like such a big problem, something that individuals and/or Party Rental companies can’t really do much about. But we here at Higgins Event Rentals have found that by making small changes in the way we do things we can make significant changes for both our bottom line and the environment.

Here are three small changes we made:

  1. In the past all of our boxes of glassware were wrapped in plastic. We switched from plastic wrap to reusable lids for all of our glassware boxes. This resulted in having less  plastic wrapping going into the garbage. Reducing waste from our customers’ events and reducing the carbon emission required to manufacture the plastic. Small change you say? We estimate we save 50 kilometres of 19” wide plastic per year! If everyone planning a party could make a small change like this it would make a big change to the environment.
  2.  When we were looking for a new laundry ironer, rather than look for one that only provided an excellent quality finish to the cloth, we looked for and found one that reduced energy use. We found and purchased a machine that finishes our tablecloths better than before and uses only 238,000 BTUs of natural gas per hour (our last machine used 720,000 BTUs per hour). That represents a significant gas savings and reduces our carbon footprint. Another small change – ask one more question, “Can we do this with less energy?”! Better Questions can slow down the change to our climate!
  3. The industry standard is to ship all cutlery in small plastic bags. We asked: “Is there a better way?” A simple question made us think of a better way. We switched from wrapping our flatware in plastic wrap to packaging it in reusable containers. Not only does this save an enormous amount of wasted plastic, but it makes event setup faster and easier. Trying to slow climate change leads to ways to streamline event set up!

Higgins Event Rentals is a family run Event-Party Rental company in Toronto. Our caring team provides event creators stylish rentals with exceptional attention to detail.  The environmental impact an event has is just one of the small details we think about.

Are you looking for ways to make small changes?  Check out these resources we found to gain information on change: