How-to easily rent a Tent in Toronto for a Covid 19 screening station.

After you read this short article, you will feel relieved at how easy it is to rent a tent and all the equipment you need to set up a Covid 19 screening station for your employees.
One quick phone call to Higgins Event Rentals will put you in touch with one of our certified event rental professionals who will walk you though the process with ease.

  • We know the questions that need to be asked,
  • We have the experience to get you what you need without having to go to multiple vendors.
  • We will get the job done easily – Renting a Tent has never been easier!

You probably know that for your employees or customers to stay safe they need to stay 6’ away from each other. This can lead to line ups. Imagine experiencing a long line when a cold spring rain drifts in from no where. Just think how grateful your employees or customers will be when they see the rain pelting down on the tent you rented to keep them dry. No one but you need know how easy it was to rent the tent in Toronto with one phone call! 416-252-4050

Just think about it, you could call all around the city to get multiple quotes, one for tents, one for stanchions and sign holders or you can make one call and easily rent a tent and all the extra equipment you need to provide a well organized Covid 19 screening area for your business.

You be the judge of this benefit! Would it make your life easier? Would it make your employees safer? More comfortable?

Renting a Tent from Higgins Event Rentals is the easy, safe, practical way to get the shelter you need to keep your employees safe.

To reach one of our experienced event rental professionals call 416-252-4050 or

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In this application we provided the following Tents

20x45 Legacy Tent
10x60 Legacy Tent
10x30 Legacy Tent
10x10 Legacy Tent
Window Walls for Tents
Anchors - Concrete weights to keep tent in place.
Black Retractable Stanchion - Set up ready to go.
Stanchion Sign Holders - for easy way finding.

Call Higgins Event Rentals for other ideas for social distancing with tents. We will help your business thrive though this pandemic!

Our 5 Step Guide to Easy Tent Rentals

Call us or fill out the online form to get some help in choosing the perfect tent for your event.

If necessary we'll schedule a site visit to generate an all-inclusive quote, factoring in set up, tear down and delivery.

Our team will help you explore your options for furnishings in advance: For example, do you want a bar? Will you have risers, cocktail tables or round table seating? What type of chairs, dishes, pole drapes, lighting and heating? Do you want your tent to have clear top windows or French windows? There are a lot of decisions to be made and details to be ironed out. No worries, you’re in good hands.

We check out all of the specs to see if you need a permit. You may depending on if your event is on private property, if you are serving alcohol, and on the size of the tent. If you do, we’ll help you get one!

We take pride in making certain that there are no surprises for you before you receive your quote.  All quotes will factor in any additional charges that may be incurred, such as extra labour for working around obstacles, custom work or additional equipment needed.