Bloomfield Rustic Portable Folding Bar


Rustic Portable Folding bar with interchangeable decorative panels, wooden top.

6′ table fits under the bar.

Dimensions – 76.5″ x 29” x 42”

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Master woodworker Kyle Lane designed, in collaboration with event rental professionals at Higgins Event Rentals the Bloomfield Bar.  We created a sturdy wood topped rustic portable folding bar with interchangeable front and side panels. Designed and manufactured in Prince Edward County, Ontario using sustainable products, creating Canadian jobs.

Customization of Rustic Portable Folding Bar:

You can change the look of your bar from barn board or concrete panels so bar will always look fresh.  When you want to brand the bar, you can either have panels printed on any ¼” board and slide them into the bar front. While the rustic barn board or concrete panels look rough, they are actually smooth and easily accept a peel and stick vinyl label. When you bring our rustic portable folding bar to an event you are sure to be noticed.

Storage and Transport of your rustic portable folding bar:

In our industry, storage is as big a something we always have to account for. We have planed for it with the Bloomfield Bar. The bar folds flat, you can fit 6 bars in the space one traditional chrome and Plexiglas bar would use. Making it ideal for rental companies, hotels, breweries, coffee roasters, caterers or anyone who is short on storage. It sets up quickly and easily and stores compactly. When you putting  the bar away you will be able to folded it flat, the top comes off  and can be stored or transported independent of the frame.


There are many uses for the  bar, you can use them as  Food Stations,  Bars, Coffee Station or a Demonstration Table. For example, in a store for a product demo, or at an event as a food station. Hotels can use these as a portable check in area. You will find it is ideal for street festivals and art fairs because you can move it quickly and easily. If you plan to use it as a bar or a food station you can put  6′ x 30″ folding table underneath to use as a work surface. If you are a rental company, the folding table is an additional rental item that can be packaged with the table.  When folded this bar takes up 60% less space than a traditional Steel Framed Bar. Ideal for any location where storage is an issue.


We are in the rental industry and know how things can get damaged, so we created the Bar top with four standard replaceable boards (7  1/4 ” x  ¾” thick).  You can even customize the bars, with connections for beer towers or holes for wires and then replace with solid board when required.   We have made the frame with Ash, a hardwood,  for strength and long wear. You can replace damaged parts because we made them standardized. You can  remove the front and side panels by sliding them in and out easily of the quarter inch channel.  Additional panels can be ordered from us or can be cut to order at most of the big box lumber stores.


The Bloomfield Bar top is 76 ½ ” x 27 ½ ”  and is ¾” thick.  When set up the full bar is 42″ high, 4′ Long and 21 ½ deep.


The Frame is finished with the Rustic Black Wash.

The Panels are made of MDF Board with Printed Fronts. Grey Barn Board and Concrete are the standard styles available.

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