Over the years, Higgins Event Rentals has been catering Oakville and the surrounding area, serving the needs of our clients and ensuring they always have the most professional caterers at their service.

Because we have been working with these caterers so consistently, we have been able to create long-lasting relationships with them, and are able to negotiate significant discounts on your behalf. When you are choosing a caterer for your next event in Oakville, consider calling us first. We would be happy to work with you to ensure you get the best price available.


Jennifer’s Kitchen

Jennifer’s Kitchen is one of the most established businesses on this list, catering Oakville and the surrounding area since 1972. Their aim is always to provide the freshest food and most attentive service.

One of the interesting things about Jennifer’s Kitchen is that they provide sample menus for various different types of events: everything from a gathering of friends and client appreciation events, to garden parties and desserts by design. They are happy to make custom packages, and work with you to put together a menu that suits every palate.

Be sure to try their Bacon Apple Cheddar Caramelized Onion Quesadillas. If the name itself isn’t enough to get your mouth watering, take our word for it: These are absolutely incredible.

Jennifer’s Kitchen has taken pride in catering Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington for 40 over years, and has one of the most innovative menus on the market. We recently worked with them for the Samuel wedding of nearly 300 guests and every person in the room was raving about the food.



Cucci can be your one-stop-shop for all things involving catering in Oakville. Not only do they provide a fine dining experience at their restaurant with live entertainment every night, but they can put together custom packages for you, both on or off site.

If you would like to book a private event, Cucci has delicious menu choices for birthdays, anniversaries, receptions and all of life’s celebrations. They will work with you to establish exactly the “vibe” you want to convey: working with preferred decorators, photographers and other special event coordinators.

If you would like to book an event offsite, Cucci also provides catering services for parties between 10 and 1000. We worked an event together recently for Porsche and the only thing that went faster than the cars…was the food!


Whole Foods Catering Oakville

Delicious, fresh and wholesome (no pun intended) Whole Foods is one of the most recognizable retailers in North America. What you may not know about them is that they deliver prepared hot and cold meals, party platters, desserts and of course, their incredible coffee.

Their Oakville location provides catering services specializing in corporate lunches, family gathering and any occasion. They also suggest that you try their online ordering system, which can be set to deliver at your convenience.


Alex Flye

The demand for Alex Flye’s catering was so intense that they recently had to open the Kerr Street Café, which was quickly voted “Oakville’s Yummiest Spot.” We aren’t sure exactly who did the voting, but the title stuck.

Flye’s Oakville catering has been described by Oakville Ontario News as “a twist on the conventional that undeniably raises the bar.” You should absolutely give them a Flye.

As a professional caterer, Alex Flye is among the best. We love connecting our clients with them. Some clients have had a difficulty reaching them online, before they have an opportunity to connect. Once they do, however, they’re blown away.

When you work with us, we can take the guesswork out of that, and help connect you with them to ensure you get the best possible Catering Oakville.


La Felicita

While they are technically located in Mississauga, La Felicita is a family-run catering business that specializes in catering Oakville, Toronto and Mississauga. Their menu combines traditional recipes with the freshest flavours and ingredients.

One of the things that sets La Felicita apart is their speedy service. Many caterers request that you place orders well in advance, which may not suit last-minute events. La Felicita only requires 48 hours notice to put together their unbelievable medley of flavours, and provide the option of ordering online.

One thing that clients have remarked at was how prompt their delivery service is, and that the drivers will actually contact them in advance to say how long they will be. And of course, like any good Italian meal, there is always plenty to go around.


For more information about any of these incredible caterers, call us today at 905.815.8720 and we will help you negotiate the best possible prices for your next event.