“Why” the Keystone of Successful Event PlanningKeystone2
Who – What – When – Where – Why

“Why? This simple overarching word is keystone that will help you create a truly successful event.

Over the years I found the why is often ignored. For most of us it is enough that the customer wants to have an event. The what, when & where are more important. But if we know the “Why” you can ensure successful event planning, a better meal, a winning design and lifelong customers.

I maintain an event is an arch with two strong pillars that are designed to achieve a goal. Knowing the why helps you or your customer find out:

  • who to invite,
  • where to host the event,
  • what to serve and
  • when to have the event.

The cornerstone is the “Why.” It defines the Goal. Why are is your client hosting the event? Is it to allow our customer’s family and friends to witness and celebrate their love? Is it a corporate celebration where the goal is to thank investors, customers and employees for their help in achieving a milestone? Is it an event designed to put sales people and customers in a comfortable environment to generate new sales? Is it an event designed to garner publicity? By asking why you define the Goal. Knowing the goal will give you the road map to planning a successful event.

Once you know the “Why” start planning by using the answer as a foil for all your decisions. Will this help my customer achieve the goal they set for the event? How will the location assist your client? Will the menu allow guests to do what the host wants them to do? Does the décor assist your client and the guests to achieve what needs to be achieved? These questions must be in your mind at all times.

So in your next meeting with a client, ask them “Why are you having this event? Push a little to let your client know you are listing to them and that your goal is to help them achieve their goal. Let them know that your goal is to create an event that will not only look great, run like clockwork and taste great but will help them achieve or exceed their goal!

My next article will focus on creating metrics for measuring the success of an event.