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Classy Tents, Great Value & Easy Tent Rentals

Stillwater Sailcloth Tent

You are about to discover how easy it is to get a great tent and learn about some of the amazing possibilities for creating an awesome outdoor space for your upcoming event.  Imagine celegrating under the stars with mood lighting, drapes, linens, tables, carpeting, cocktails, food stations and/or buffet. Our tent rentals can contribute to the perfect setting for your big night.

Add to that a dance floor, round table seating, flowers, and musicians and your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a dream. You can trust the Higgins team for your tent rentals in Toronto and the surrounding area.  We’ll handle the details so you can enjoy being the host.

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Here’s Our Complete 5-step Guide to Tent Rentals:

  1. Call us or fill out the online form below to get some help in choosing the perfect tent for your event.
  2. If necessary we’ll schedule a site visit to generate an all-inclusive quote, factoring in set up, tear down and delivery.
  3. Our team will help you explore your options for furnishings in advance: For example, do you want a bar? Will you have risers, cocktail tables or round table seating? What type of chairs, dishes, pole drapes, lighting and heating? Do you want your tent to have clear top windows or French windows? There are a lot of decisions to be made and details to be ironed out. No worries, you’re in good hands.
  4. We check out all of the specs to see if you need a permit. You may depending on if your event is on private property, if you are serving alcohol, and on the size of the tent. If you do, we’ll help you get one!
  5. We take pride in making certain that there are no surprises for you before you receive your quote.  All quotes will factor in any additional charges that may be incurred, such as extra labour for working around obstacles, custom work or additional equipment needed.

Who are these tent rentals for?

If you are a host of a social event such as a wedding, a producer of a special event and/or fundraiser, or celebrating a corporate win, then this tent rental can be the perfect choice for you to create a beautiful and memorable experience.

Higgins Event Rentals has serviced thousands of event creators in its 33 year history.  To ensure a WOW experience for your event we’ve packed over 1,800 products in our warehouse… literally something for every taste, including tables, chairs, linens, dishes, bars, furniture, chandeliers, dance floors and a whole lot more.

Here’s how we help you plan:

Every piece of furniture takes up a certain number of square feet.  We help you calculate how many square feet you’ll need based on your wish list.

Here are some things to consider before we talk:

  • How many guest will you be expecting?
  • Do you want round banquet tables or do you prefer rectangular tables?
  • For easy conversation, do you prefer cruiser tables where people stand and chat?
  • How would you like food to be served? Seated? At buffet tables?
  • Would you like the room arranged with a head table? Cake table? Gift table?
  • Do you want a bar? Will you want a coffee station or another beverage table?
  • How are you coordinating entertainment? Do you want a dance floor? DJ? A Band?
  • If you are having a presentation, do you prefer theatre style seating, classroom seating, or a gorgeous couch seating plan?

Choosing the right tent rentals for your outdoor event:

Pole Tent Rental

Pole Tent
The pole tent is occasionally referred to as a circus tent, and is more festive.  It has a pole in the center and offers your event a fun look.  Its affordability also makes this a popular choice for festivals, fairs and weddings.

Frame Tent Rental

Frame Tent
A frame tent has open, clear sightlines and makes for a more elegant upscale look.  You can use leg extenders to enhance ceiling height up to 14 feet for gorgeous high ceilings.  This is a great choice for corporate events and backyard parties. It’s more of a modern look with clean sight lines.

Structure Tent
This is the best of the best: once we’re done, you’ll wonder how we constructed something so magnificent. It’s the strongest, purpose-built, best-looking option out there.  You can add lighting rigs, acrobatic rigs, build a see-through ceiling and so on. The options are endless.  This is for event producers with larger budgets.


Stillwater Sailcloth Tent

You may have heard of or seen pictures of a Stillwater Tent. Now you can rent one in Toronto! The Stillwater is a sail cloth tent glows in the dark and provides beautiful difuese light in the daytime.  It is light and airy, perfect for wedding or corporate event.  This tent needs to be staked.

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What Size Tent Rental Best Suits Your Needs?

Wedding Tent Rentals:
We recommend 10-15 square feet per guest.  The assumption here is that your guests will be seated at round tables with added space for buffet tables, head tables, bars and a dance floor.

Tent Rental for Outdoor Cocktail Parties:
Suggested 6-10 sq. ft. per person. This assumption is that you will have cruiser tables, people are standing and mingling and you have smaller food stations.

What other Tent Rental Add-Ons Can I Choose?

Event lighting
Consider renting chandeliers, spot lights, flood lights or twinkle lights. This is a very important element that creates mood and feeling. (Prices on request)

Pole Drapes
There are quite a few poles required for a pole tent and they can be less than appealing. Choosing to add pole drapes gives your event a more refined look. They are available in white, but you can play with lighting to set the mood and establish elegance. ($15 each)

Centre Pole Drapes
Same as pole drapes, but these are significantly thicker, so there is more fabric required. ($50 each)

Tent Draping/Lining
This drapery is for the ceiling of the tent, adding a rippled effect to the room. It is not required and it’s purely aesthetic but it looks fantastic. This option is considered a high-end finishing touch.

Rent a Tent with Carpet
If the surface under the tent isn’t beautiful, we can transform the space with flooring and carpeting. We offer you a variety of colors, textures and choices. Please call for custom quote.

Wooden Sub-Floor
Picture this: its wet, everyone is walking towards the high traffic areas (usually the buffet) and its getting muddy and mushy. Your guest of honour’s heel gets stuck in the slop. She loses her shoe, and stumbles into the mud. You’re a bit embarrassed, because you know you could have invested in a flooring solution that would have prevented it. Please call for quote on a raised, wooden floor for under your carpet.

Event Fence Rental
If you are serving liquor at an outdoor event, you need a 42” fence barrier between public and licensed areas. This elegant and simple solution is an added touch if you need extra security.

Rent a Porta-potty
There are two types for you to choose from. The high-end choice is the trailer option, which feels like stepping into a hotel washroom. It’s fully functional with multiple stalls, sinks and mirrors. The festival choice is the traditional plastic ones that fit one person at a time.

Tent Rental Heat/AC
Events in the winter require heat. Some summer events require A/C. Your guests often come unprepared for temperature shifts. A successful event planner will have a back-up plan ready to ensure their guests’ comfort.

Rent a Dance Floor
It has the appearance of wood and is smooth with edging on it to avoid anyone catching a heel. It’s interlocking. Size can be customized to fit your specific needs. They are also easy to install and ready to go when you are.

Call us today to see which tent rentals or wedding tent rental will be best for your situation. We can also help you with details such as linens, dishes, drapes, lighting, bands, DJ’s, and finishing details that will serve to help create lifetime memories.

Our promise to you is that you will have the Higgins family’s support to make sure that every detail is covered. We have a solid reputation of going above and beyond when it comes to last minute call to action.

View Your Pricing Options for Tent Rentals Here:


$300and up
  • 10′ Wide


$580and up
  • 20′ Wide


$1200and up
  • 30′ Wide


$1900and up
  • 40′ Wide

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