Higgins Event Rentals Is Committed to Green Initiatives

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Higgins Event Rentals strives to be an industry leader by adopting progressive environmental standards and practices that demonstrate our commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

We feel that our environmental conscientiousness is a crucial and necessary function in our daily operations. This is of utmost importance to our success as a corporation that cares; not only being an active partner in the staging of spectacular events but also about the people we service now and those we aspire to serve in the future.

As part of this commitment, HIGGINS EVENT RENTALS ensures that all of its activities are in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Examples of these policies in action:

Our trucks are kept in optimal condition and are regularly serviced to ensure they fall well within the acceptable ranges of compliance for Provincial standards concerning green-house gas emissions legislation.

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products that ensure our event rentals not only look flawless but contribute to protecting our environment and its sustainability in the future.

As an example, we searched for a new laundry ironer recently, requiring an excellent quality finish to the cloth and reduced energy use. We found and purchased a machine that finishes our tablecloths better than before and uses only 238,000 BTUs of natural gas per hour (our last machine used 720,000 BTUs per hour). That represents a significant gas savings and reduces our carbon footprint.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to package our rentals and reduce waste. We recently switched to reusable lids for all of our glassware boxes, instead of plastic wrapping. Last year we saved 50 kilometres of 19” wide plastic, which resulted in a significant reduction of our waste being transported to landfill sites

Recently we switched from wrapping our flatware in plastic wrap to packaging it in reusable containers. Not only does this save an enormous amount of wasted plastic, but it makes event setup faster and easier.

We recycle all paper and cardboard

All employees are continuously educated on new and existing environmental policies and strive for environmental protection and make this an integral part of their daily activities.

At HIGGINS EVENT RENTALS, sustainable development means creating economic growth and caring for our society and the environment, while taking into account the needs of future generations.








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